Display product image in dashlet


How can i display product image in dashlet. Now i am getting the link of the image in dashlet.

and how can i upload product multiple images while creating a new product.

I’ve never done this, but you would probably want to create an “HTML” type field, and place some HTML tags into it, embedding your images.


You could dynamically populate this field using Workflows. And you could call the field into a subpanel. Assuming that the image displays elsewhere, it should also display in the subpanel.

What field type have youi used for the image?

Hello, Its a text field. Its from AOS Products. I want to show product images in dashlet at home page. Currently i am getting the url of the image.

You’re never going to be able to display images in a text field. That’s not what they are used for. To do this, you will either need to use an “iframe” field or an “html” field.