Display error after upgrading to 7.10

Hello, I just upgraded to 7.10 yesterday and I can see that the dashlet actions does not display the name of the account, except for one (no clue why). I’d like to fill an attachment, but the button “Add File” does not work (Chrome).

Try Admin / Repairs / Rebuild Dahslets, and a Quick Repair and Rebuild.

If that doesn’t work, please tell us your Theme, and what you see in your logs (suitecrm.log and php_errors.log),and any errors in your browser’s web console.

I find only sugarcrm.logs and they all from december. Nothing current.
I find no file named php_errors.log.
I made the repairs you told me to do : nothing changed.
I installed and used the SuitepImproved theme instead of Suite P theme : no change.

Notice that some dates are missing too :

In Admin / system settings there are some settings about logs, look there for clues. There also a link there to look into the log and search it.

But you must have a log somewhere. It’s very useful to troubleshoot problems.

If you don’t have php_errrors.log, it might be called errors.log, or other things. It’s the web server log.

I didn’t tell you to use SuitePImproved, I told you not to use it, on another thread. :slight_smile:

That link you gave doesn’t seem to be working… you can paste the image here


and then give us that link.

I uploaded the error message on pasteboard : https://cdn.pbrd.co/images/H8IvoI3.jpg
I found an error.log file (I still wonder why I can’t use the button “add file” below) : https://www.dropbox.com/s/ceepit6kw20dx5b/Error%20Log.txt?dl=0
I know you told me to don’t. But as my current theme was working before and not now, I though it couldn’t be worse using this one and see if it’s better. The thing is I don’t dare to change my password non more…
And thanks for helping !

Still nothing after upgrade 7.10.1

7.10.4 solved this

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