Display customer field from Flex relate module selection

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How do i display customer field from Flex relate module on selection In Account, Opportunity and contact. have different information. All Module has Name, contact number, city and Email id.
: screen shot i have elaborate my query, on selecting different module, how do i get their field value in above red marked box. Please help

Thanking in advance. I spent huge time in searching in Internet, but could able to fix.


Hi experts,
Any luck for Suggestions…

Dearl Expert, Can i expect some reply on this query ??

Sorry, I don’t really understand your question.

What are trying to do on that screen, and how do you get there?

Is the screenshot what your system looks like today, or is it a photoshopped image of what you want in the future?

Yes sir, It is Photoshopped image. It is an custom module. I have create flex relate and trying to get some of their field below field.

I’m sorry, I don’t know what a flex relate is and I still don’t understand where you are or what you’re trying to do. You asked for an “expert” but you’re only getting answers from me, sorry about that. : - ) if you can try to explain better, I can try to help; otherwise, you need to wait for somebody more knowledgeable to come into this thread…

Thanks sir for your reply.
Well let me explain in details:

  1. Say We have 2 module : “Account Module” and “Contact Module”.
  2. Account Module has many label: Customer name, Contact Name, Contact phone number, Address, Email etc…
  3. Contact Module also has many label: Customer name, Contact Name, Contact phone number, Address, Email etc…

a. We have “Opportunity Module”. In this Module, we have Relate, i mean drop down of Account module and contact module.
b. Say on selecting “Account module”, and clicking the pop up details, it gives me list of all the Account list.
Hence, on selecting a account name from list, i want to display their records in custom new field in “Opportunity module” in same page.
c. Like wise, for “Contact Module” also.

I hope i could able to explain in details upto some extend. I also looking logic hook ans studied, but could able to understand better.

Thanks again.

I don’t think this can be done without custom PHP code. Are you a developer?

This might be a good place to start:


Thanks for your reply. Let me codify this and post in this forum. Thanks for it.

I had a look at this post with great excitement, only to find out that a) it doesn’t work for custom fields, and b) apparently it doesn’t work at all anymore (as of 2013?). have a look at the comments below the blog post.


So as far as I can tell this approach (which would be fantastic) is not an option. Instead you have to duplicate fields in the target module and keep them in sync with some elaborate logic_hooks that get fired on a range of events.

This kind of a feature (presenting fields from related modules just in detailview and list view without any editing functionality) would be so great I’d like to suggest it as a feature suggestion on github/trello. That is if I understand correctly that this is currently not possible.

Hi John

the “workflow” for suggestions is to post on GitHub as an Issue, and then it gets transferred to Trello by the admins.

You can start the subject line with “Suggestion: …” if you want. I agree this is a good suggestion to make, I’ll upvote it as soon as you create it :slight_smile:


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