Display custom fields based on account type

We are looking at integrating three separate business entities into a single system vs siloing them off into separate installations. What we would like to do is set up custom fields that only display when entering/viewing certain account types. Is this level of granularity possible with the relationship system in SuiteCRM or is this something that would need to be custom developed in-house?

Check out this tutorial about Security Groups features:


But the logic is always to limit visibility (or editability) by record, not by fields. So to set up “custom fields that only display when entering/viewing certain account types” you need custom code.

I hope your 3 business entities are minimally connected - like same owner or sibling companies. It would probably be a bit unsafe to try and cram together 3 unrelated, different businesses in one SuiteCRM install, the app isn’t designed for that, you would need to be paying a lot of attention to every security issue this could cause.