dislplay not proper

i have recent install suitecrmmax on linux

but filed name display not proper. please the attachment.
Please helo

Hi Gopal,

There is no attachment here. Please re-attach.



Hi Will,

Please see the attachment. there is all are [color=#8800ff]undefined[/color] name also many other forms.



I’m having the same issue. Rather than post a new thread, I’ll participate in this one.

I did a fresh install, and this happened right away on the install (e.g. it didn’t break later).

I’m seeing the “undefined” in many areas, like home screens, menu buttons, and various other UI elements.

I’ve ran the “Quick repair and rebuild”, as well as several other of the rebuild & repair tools in the Admin side (but not every single one); to no effect.

Could this be missing configuration? Missing files? Incompatible system software elements?

I had something similar…
Check your file permissions (search for them)

If that doesn’t work check the mod-rewrite rules.
#hopefully someone else can help with those!#