Disappearing Quotes

We have a user who is claiming quotes they made have disappeared… i searched through the quotes tables and other tables it may have been converted to but we dont see it as deleted either. Has anyone ran into this ‘disappearing’ quotes be it user error or otherwise ?

I think it’s a problem of security groups. Make sure the record maintain it’s group after converting.

does the security group issue cause non-creation or lack of visibility ? We did manual SQL selects for even the deleted items and couldnt see it… so it seems like its doing a hard SQL DELETE or never being INSERTed

In that case the Roles/Group has nothing to do with it.

Do you have any custom code by any chance?

No custom code, only a few custom fields made in studio. I am really leaning on user error … some how. . but wasnt sure if this has arisen on anyone else.

It might be a problem of usability then.

BTW. What version of SuiteCRM are you using?

7.11.3 is what we are running

You might need to upgrade to a newer version.