disable reminder call in contracts module

Hi there,

I can’t find anywhere where to disable the automatic generation of a reminder call when creating a new contract? I’m inputting already existing contracts and won’t need a reminder call and also won’t use this function for future ones.

I’m just deleting the calls but that’s a little annoying and surely there must be a way to control it somewhere?

many thanks

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Check this file:


function “Save”, which calls function “createReminder”.

Copy the file to the custom directory and make your changes to remove that.

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Hi there,

just digging this old one up…

I’m actually making some different changes to the contracts reminder but I’ve copied AOS_contracts.php to /custom/modules/AOS_Contracts/AOS_contracts.php and did a quick repair and rebuild but my changes don’t appear to be being picked up.

Have I put the file in the correct custom directory?

Not every file is ready to be picked up from the custom directory. Specifically, the files that historically were part of custom modules typically neglect to do that work. This is the case with all of the “Advanced Open” modules. I have a few PR’s fixing stuff like this: https://github.com/salesagility/SuiteCRM/pull/3891/files

For your case, I find 3 references loading that file:


modules/AOS_Quotes/createContract.php:31: require_once('modules/AOS_Contracts/AOS_Contracts.php');

include/modules.php:435:$beanFiles['AOS_Contracts'] = 'modules/AOS_Contracts/AOS_Contracts.php';

for the first two, you can replace those requires with this:


For the third one, just add “custom/” to the beginning, and run a Quick repair and rebuild.

See if this works well for you, then you can worry about the fact that these changes aren’t upgrade-safe :slight_smile: … but they are simple to reapply after any upgrade that breaks them (should be rare).

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Alternate solution, set:
$sugar_config['aos']['contracts']['renewalReminderPeriod'] = false;
inside config_override.php, so that when you create a new Contract it will keep the “Renewal reminder date” empty, and when you save the contract the reminder call won’t be created.