Disable Case Notification Emails

SuiteCRM v 7.10.10 - Win7 (Virtualbox) - WAMPserver - PHP 7.2.4

Is there any way to disable the notification emails that are created when opening/closing a case?


  1. Our CRM is not available to outside parties, so any link back to it would not work. Only employees need to get any kind of notification.

  2. The link included with the auto-generated email points to “localhost” instead of an IP address. I can’t find where to edit this.

Thank You,

For the URL, you supplied this information when installing. Now you can change it in your config.php (a file at the root of your SuitecRM installation). Check properties site_url and host_name.

In “Admin / Email Settings / Email options” you have options for assignment emails, check those out.