Different role control

Excuse me,
I’m new to SuiteCRM, after reading the administrator guideline, I have some questions.
Can I control different role access to different dashbord panel? For example, role A creats contracts A and role B creats contracts B. And I’d like role A could not access to contracts B, even can’t “see” it in the dashbord? It means role A could only access and “see” the contents he creats in the dashbord.
What shall I do? Could anybody help me on this?
Thank you very much.

You can achieve this by either:

  • Configuring a role in Admin -> Role Management with ‘owner’ access so that only the owner can see the Contracts they have created, this will apply system wide. The restriction here is that other users would not be able to see contracts(maybe you have groups of users who would need to see Contract A, contract B etc.
  • Configuring group access via a Security Group in Admin -> Security groups for each ‘group’ i.e. group A, group B. Then, create a role in Admin -> Role Management with 'Grou[ access to the Contracts module and apply that role to the security groups. You would then apply the relevant security group to your user and the grouped role will take effect

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Thanks Will, I’m going to try this. Thanks for your kindness.