Different Forms

Does suitecrm support the following and how I can achieve it?

I have services that we provide our client, example let’s say if the service that the client need is: Oil Change.
then I will add Oil Change, once I add the oil change a form that will show up in this opportunity asking different questions as well the history of the oil change of this customer… and so

In my case: we are not for profit and we help clients with more than 10 services, each service requires different set of questions and information, and we do not want to mix them all in the main contact application. so I’m not sure how to address that, example, we provide therapist Counselling, so the therapist will open the client (contact) file, then will check if this contact got any therapist before if not he will Add a new service called: therapist Counselling. and once its added it will have set of information that needs to be filled.
We have settlement help, so if the client needs help finding housing, the counsellor will add: housing service and it will have set of questions, notes … etc.

Is that possible? I’m not sure how to achieve it.

Please help

Thanks, :slight_smile:

You can either work loosely, by describing each service in a free-text note that you attach to the client.

Or you can make it more solid and create custom modules for each kind of service, and link these to the contacts that use them.

Thank you, I tried to play around with the module builder but I see there is an error, I just did a fresh installation.

Please help.

I’ve seen that very recently! Here


There’s a fix proposed there, can you try it please?