Different edit view for different month

Hello everyone,

When I click on Create button to get the EditView, I want to show a different edit view based on the month.
That is, for the month March, there should be 31 fields, for the month of February and Leap yr, there should be 29 fields.

I read the following posts:


Both of them suggest to conditionally show the required number of fields.

But this solution is not feasible because there would be 31 field entries for every row of the table, no matter whether the month is March or February.

What do u guys suggest?

Thanks for your valuable time

The way a database works, you cannot have a different number of fields for different records in the table… you just can’t do it. That is not a SutieCRM limitation, that is a limitation of every database engine that I am aware of that exists.

What is the harm in having up to 3 empty fields in months with fewer than 31 days? I think the discussion should be about how to overcome whatever problem those empty fields are causing you.