DIfferent Create button with different behavior

Hi to all,
i’m experiencing a strange behavior.

I’m customizing the code in order to include select2 jquery dropdown.

I’ve included js and css (js in editviewdefs and css in custom _head.tpl) and this is the result:

1 -> clicking on Create button on top left (near recently viewed) which points to:
works well

2 -> clicking on Create button on top right which points to:
the css inclusion isn’t present in the source page and my dropwdows are not styled


another issue is that dropdown list are retrieved by an ajax call to a php script that queries a mysql database.
When a record is created and later i try to edit it my dropdowns does not show me the current selection…

Am i missing anything?

Thank you

One button uses AJAX the other does not, which is why you will see differing results.