Difference between Error and Fatal in suitecrm logs

I have some Error logs not Fatal.

[ERROR] Field notify_proj_c expecting datetime format, but got value:

This field accepts NULL value since I set it explicitly to be able to accept NULL values since this is an optional field.

The problem here is that it logs an Error in the logs file but I’m confused since it still works. So my question here is what is the difference between ERROR and FATAL in terms of performance?

Is this PHP error log, or suitecrm.log? The answer to your question is different for each case.


Thank you

Ok. The level depends on a decision by the programmer, and sometimes it’s not completely consistent across the entire product.

Normally FATALs would be when some functionality is prevented from working, when some process won’t be able to complete.

ERRORs I would say, are when something completes but some aspect of it definitely shouldn’t be happening.

As I said, there could be variations on this, it’s not written in stone anywhere.

As a SuiteCRM admin, I would worry if I had an installation producing either ERROR or FATAL messages, I would definitely investigate each of those errors. WARNINGs are edge cases - I might not pay attention if I was sure users weren’t complaining about anything.

Your case might be a bit specific though: since you say you changed that (“I set it explicitly to be able to accept NULL”) maybe that possibility just didn’t occur to the programmer, so he made that message a bit more alarming than necessary?

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