DevToolKit to toggle display of panels based on value of field

Is anyone using this Javascript code specifically the togglePanel function?

I believe that you add tags in the editviewdefs.php but I am not sure where and how to get it to use DevToolKit.

I would appreciate assistance.


The Dev Toolkit was a project of André Lopes, a SugarCRM guru in the scene and has been discontinued. The code has many issues and isn’t up-to-date to the recent Sugar/Suite version, moreover some parts are already realized in other ways in SuiteCRM.

It will work however, when you disable AJAX for the module for which you use it, however I wouldn’t recommend it because it needs changes in module php files which makes it very intrusive and not upgrade safe. As you are planning to make changes to the user interface, it really doesn’t justify such deep adaptations.

I’d advise you to implement your change using JavaScript (JQuery). You’d probably achieve what you want with three lines of code.

You can inject your javascript by editing (make a copy from modules/Contacts/metadata/editviewdefs.php when it doesn’t exist)


At the bottom add:

$viewdefs['Contacts']['EditView']['templateMeta']['form']['includes'][] = array('file' => 'custom/modules/Contacts/panelaction.js');

You can then add your javascript (JQuery) code in:


Let us know your specific requirements if you need assistance with javascript.