Details not being pulled through correctly

I have encountered an issue whereby Opportunity details are not being pulled through automatically when creating a new quote. The Opportunity name needs to be entered manually for instance. Everything seems to work correctly otherwise, and the quote is attached to the right opportunity, but there is now margin for error when these details need to be typed manually.

Can anyone please advise what might be causing this problem? Is it a vardef issue?


Have you changed anything in the vardefs or added custom fields etc? Also try doing a quick repair and rebuild and rebuild relationships via the admin panel.

Hi Andy, I tried the quick repair and rebuild but this has changed nothing - Quote details are still not populating correctly.

I don’t know of any custom fields, but a recently resolved issue suggests that these may be a problem:

Can you advise further?

Yeah that will be related to the problem, your opportunities module sounds like it was pretty messed up. You can check if you have custom fields by looking for this table in your database opportunities_cstm also custom fields have an _c as part of their name.

Are you on a Linux server? If so I would temporarily set all file permissions to 777 then do a repair and rebuild once again.

You could also try removing the custom/modules/Opportunities/ folder from the file structure. This should reset your module back to default but its hard to say if that will fix the problem without a better understanding of whats wrong.

Well I tried each of your suggestions Andy, but no dice. I’ve also lost the Quotes sub panel from the bottom of the Opportunity detail screen now too :unsure:

As for the database, this is all that I could find in the opportunities_cstm table.

put back the custom/modules/Opportunities/ folder to get the subpanel back.

Did you at any point :

Delete a default field from the vardefs in opportunites or quotes


Create a custom field in either of those modules before upgrading to suite?

Not as far as I know Andy, but the presence of custom fields suggests that something did. A crappy extension perhaps?

I have put the custom Opportunities folder back, repaired the install, rebooted the server and the sub panel is still missing too…

Is there some way to reset everything?

If you still have your original sugar instance? you could run the upgrade again but first take note of or delete the custom fields that are causing the problem.

That then raises the issue of how to import data added to the system since the migration though…

True… your system could probably be fixed fairly easily by some body who knows what their doing but its hard to say without seeing the issues for myself and the vardefs etc…

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That’s what I figured. Thanks for your help Andy, it’s a weird one alright.

Have just seen the Quote sub panel reappear in Studio, but it’s not showing up on Opportunities detail screen still :frowning:

You could try setting up a blank instance of suite then comparing it with your working instance. Look in studio fields and then in the vardefs so try and see whats missing.

Thanks Andy, I might try that over the next few days.

Any idea why the Quotes sub panel has disappeared? I put the original folder back, repair and rebuild and confirmed it is visible as a sub panel on Opportunities in Studio, but it does not show on the Opportunities detail screen any more…

OK the missing sub panel on Opportunities seems to be related to this error in sugarcrm.log:

Wed Oct  1 08:37:58 2014 [3322][1][FATAL] Missing relationship definition opportunities_aos_quotes_1. skipping opportunities_aos_quotes_1 subpanel

OK the missing sub panel on Opportunities seems to be related to this error in sugarcrm.log:

Wed Oct  1 08:37:58 2014 [3322][1][FATAL] Missing relationship definition opportunities_aos_quotes_1. skipping opportunities_aos_quotes_1 subpanel

I rebuilt the Relationships via the admin panel which appears to have stopped this error being reported in the log, but the sub panel is still not displayed.

I have also checked some previous test installs of SuiteCRM/SugarCRM and none of them have these tables:
opportunities_aos_quotes_2_c (which is completely empty)

Is there a way to export all data, including relationships, without taking the “junk” along too?

In the meantime I have managed to recover my Quotes sub panel by recreating the relationship between Opportunities and Quotes. So I’m back where I started (I think) with details not being passed automatically between screens.

The link between Quotes and Invoices now seems to be broken too - the related invoice info is not displayed on the Quote details or sub panels :angry:

Thats because those are custom relationships. Notice how they have an _c after the name. That means they have been added manually by studio or installed that way by a module. But a module should really install non-custom relationships.

You can export records in csv format and include related id’s so when you import the records for both modules the relationship is created but its tricky and you really need to fully understand what your doing.