Description Cases empty

The problem is that when the case is generated from email, the case description is empty.

In database is the email description

suitecrm 7.11.12
php 7.2.25
apache 2.4.41
mysql 5.7.21
wampserver 3.1.3

What would you expect to show up there?

If I’m seeing this correctly, it is basically fetching the description field from the Email record (as it exists in SuiteCRM) and passing it into the Case:

I assume if that is empty in the Case, then it must be because it is empty in the Email record, can you confirm this?

Emails are complex beasts - maybe you’re expecting a description from something that is in an attachment (and HTML email-parts are a kind of attachment internally)…

you’re right it’s not inserting in the description field, I want you to save the body of the email in the description field

when it excutes the cron.php it shows this:

any idea how to fix it?

Sorry, I think I pointed you to the wrong spot in the code, I believe this custom class is overriding that one

That part about the description is a bit different. It seems more variations are handled and there are more security cares going on, cleaning HTML. You might want to test if really simple emails get read correctly, maybe it’s only some issue with the HTML of a more complex email that causes the field not to load…?

I am just guessing here, and I didn’t debug the code, I just searched the source files briefly.

check the file code and it’s the same ::frowning_face:

I don’t know if it helps, trying I found that the error is in the database, I created a new instance of suitecrm and pointed the old crm to the new bd and it correctly creates the cases with description, some idea of ​​what data can be affecting

Had you trieed a Quick Repair and Rebuild? When you do it, you need to scroll down to the bottom and press the button to “sync database with vardefs”, if there is one there.