derived data is not working

I have a problem with the Opportunity module. I have added some fields to derive data from Lead module to Opportunity module.

Somehow, some data are showing in Opportunity correctly but some, for example, the photos are not showing. Anyway, when I tried to edit the information in Opportunity module, the files are showing in the system.

I just want to know how to make those photos to show correctly in the Opportunity module.

Hi, welcome.

Please tell me your version of SuiteCRM and take a look at this

About your issue, I don’t understand if the issue is just with the Opportunities module, taken independently, failing to show some pictures?

Or does this only happen in relation to some data transfer from Leads module? Exactly how is this done, is it a Workflow, a Logic Hook, what?

Hi! I’m using Version 7.10.9
Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)

I haven’t set up any workflow for this. I only added more fields to transfer the data from Lead to Opportunity such as brand, model or photo.

The other fields are showing up except the photos that failed to show.

Thanks for your help.

So what is your process to move the data? Do you click “Convert Lead” and then inside that, choose “Create opportunity”?

I know that in Lead to Contact conversion, photos don’t get converted. I even made some custom code for a project I help out with, to add this feature. So it won’t surprise me if the Opportunity also doens’t get a copy of the photo (although I have never tried it)…