Deploy module error

Every time I deploy a module I get the following error “An error has occured during the deploy process, your package may not have installed correctly.”

Log shows the following:

Tue Aug 5 12:44:37 2014 [1459][1][FATAL] Retrieving record by id config:2354698d-7cdc-4b90-1a70-53e109b0c844 found Query Failed: SELECT config.* FROM config WHERE = ‘2354698d-7cdc-4b90-1a70-53e109b0c844’ AND config.deleted=0 LIMIT 0,1: MySQL error 1054: Unknown column ‘’ in ‘where clause’

This happens even when the module is blank, meaning it only has the name and key configured.

Any ideas?


Hi there,

This is a known issue which has been fixed. You can access the fix here and an explanation can be found here.

Alternatively, you can wait until the next SuiteCRM release is available and upgrade.



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The issue has been resolved.

To clarify, there seems to be a problem with <suitecrm_directory>/modules/AOD_Index/AOD_Index.php

I backed up my current versoin of AOD_Index.php, and replaced it with this version.

All works now fine.

Thanks guys for your awesome work!