Deploy customized files from one instance to another instance in suitecrm


I have created two custom files inside my custom/modules/accounts module and i have to export it through studio (export customization).
As i export it through export customization, i am not able to get my those custom file.

how i get those two files through inbuilt suitecrm feature.

Can anyone help me to figure it out.

What files are they?

I am not sure you can do it from within the application if you added them manually. You may just copy them manually in the same way you have added them.

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You cannot copy the customize you have done to default modules.Once if you get a zip file and install using Module loader it cannot override the existing module. The best way is to create the fields in the new system.

if you find any other solution please do share.


Sure, will check and if i find anything will update here