Dependent fields


I have just installed SuiteCRM to test out as an alternative to sugar and vtiger based on someone’s recommendation. Please tell me there is a way to create a dependent field which shows/hides based on a dropdown? I have googled this but it seems there isn’t? SugarCRM Studio allows this when you create fields, it seems. This is such a basic thing. If I have a form, I don’t want fields that are irrelevant for a certain type of record. Is there a way to do this without any javascript, etc? Thank you.

Hi Salman,

Dependent fields is not possible in SuiteCRM currently, you would need to add some javascript to the page to allow this to work.

You can have a dynamic dropdown which will change the contents of another dropdown depending on the value of the first.


Thanks. How would I go about doing this and where? Thanks.

any news ?


Salman look at this solution