Dependant Dropdown Fields

Hi there
I need to create a drop down field which displays contents based on what is selected in another field. I have seen many discussions on here some with examples that dont work and other discussions saying you can only do it with java script. Any clear idea would be greatly appreciated


What type of field is the other field?
If the other field is a Dropdown, you could create your new Dropdown a Dynamic Dropdown, which would prevent you from having to do any code level work.

However, I believe that if your other field is pretty much any other field type, you will have to do some code work.

Hi John

thanks for posting, I used the method in the following post, but it didnt work. As per the example in the post I have two dropdowns and made the chld dropdown a dynamic one.

Any feed back at all will be much appreciated, Ian

Would you be able to provide screenshots of the fields in studio, and screenshots of the Dropdown lists that both of these fields are using?

With this information, I can take a look at the fields/dropdown lists that are being used and see if there are any noticeable issues.

Hi John
Thanks for taking a look, images attached

Hi John
Thanks for looking I have now solved this, the setup provided is correct, however I managed to add a space after the field name, which was causing the error! Mistake spotted by someone else.

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I somehow have the same problem. Can’t find the problem/solution. Don’t know if I have the best solution for my problem. What I realy need is:

Someone selects a Industryname (For example: Automotive) and automaticly an other field is filled with the Industrycode.


Hi RalfPeeters,

I believe your Parent and Child dropdowns aren’t set up correctly.

I think the setup for your dropdowns should be, for example:

Parent Dropdown has the item names:

Child Dropdown has the item names:

Using this format, this will mean that when “Example” is chosen for the Parent dropdown, the Child dropdown will change to show “00000”
Same for “Example2”, If “Example2” is chosen on the Parent Dropdown, then the Child Dropdown will change to show “11111”

If I were to use examples from the Dropdowns in your screenshots;

Branche_list contains the item name:


industry_list would have to contain the item name:


Then, if Container is chosen on the record, the Child Dropdown would change to display 10050

Hopefully this makes sense.


You have to rewrite your industry_list drop down. For this to work you have to add infront of each item name (not necessarily in front of the label) the item_name of its parent item in the parent dropdown.

For example

in Branche_list you have: 10010 [10010 - Schienenfahrzeuge]

while in industry_list you have 10010 [10010]

but you should have 10010_10010 [10010]
(the part "10010_" connects it to its parent item in the parent dropdown


The dropdowns are set as amariussi and John discribed. Now when I’am in the edit mode of an account, when I select from the Branche_list I still get the complete industry_list (as in Att.1)

To be clear, Industry is parent, Branche_kort is Child

Other settings:

Have you tried doing a quick repair and rebuild (check and execute anything you may be prompted to at the bottom of the resulting page)?

Another thing that comes to my mind: your field is named “industry”. Is this a custom or a standard field? If it is a custom field it should be named industry_c

Can you try with a new custom field and keep the _c part in the name?

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Industry is a standard dropdown field, should I make a costum field?

Quick repair and rebuild didn’t resolve the problem

Custom field solved the problem, many thanks

I am glad.

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How many level dynamic dropwon work?