Delete custom module dont delete table ?

Hey everyone,

I’ve just deleted a custom module from my CRM. Cant access it anymore in the menu or in the studio but tables are still here.

I’ve search in my .sql exported database the name of my custom module (coop_cooperative)

I can find 149 match. All the tables are still here, even the module table :


Also a lot of file are not deleted…

I just want to clean everything before importing my database.

Have a good day !

I don’t know if this is the intended behavior, maybe it is, since it makes some sense to be conservative when doing big, potentially tragic deletes.

So why not just delete the tables from the database with MySQL command-line or phpMyAdmin?

You need to take some care though:

  • make backups of everything

  • maybe just rename the tables first, do a Quick Repair and Rebuild, navigate the app, go into Studio, see if there are any errors on-screen or in the logs. Then when you are sure, go ahead with the full delete.

Thanks for the answer. I do backup every week :smiley:

I’ve delete the 4 tables with my module name in it, they’re still 94 match in my database. Do I have to search for them in with SQL PHPMyAdmin and delete it ?

I just want to clean my DB to get a clean start of my CRM :smiley:

And do the same for the file on my server ?

I don’t know, I am a bit intrigued. It all depends on what those “matches” are, can you list them?

how clean of a start? You could always create another instance and then import data :slight_smile:

Here are all the tables I can find coop_cooperative, with some example in each table :


(‘19746354-5a1f-8b87-fbda-5bcdd8f53fc4’, ‘2018-10-22 14:03:43’, ‘2019-07-02 13:46:21’, ‘1’, ‘1’, ‘access’, ‘coop_Cooperative’, ‘module’, 89, 1),
(‘50249a9f-1ef1-fa4c-77d7-5bcdd83e7a45’, ‘2018-10-22 14:03:43’, ‘2019-07-02 13:46:21’, ‘1’, ‘1’, ‘export’, ‘coop_Cooperative’, ‘module’, 90, 1),


(‘19bbdd09-54bf-667e-fee1-5d0a4e27bce4’, ‘CCB’, ‘2019-06-19 15:01:56’, ‘2019-06-19 15:01:56’, ‘b872a9c9-14f2-d1ba-aa03-5c5adc1c9947’, ‘b872a9c9-14f2-d1ba-aa03-5c5adc1c9947’, NULL, 0, NULL, NULL, 1, ‘f140aefd-20a2-dc61-d2ca-5d0a4ede8b8d’, ‘coop_Cooperative’),
(‘696b71b2-5f05-929b-879f-5c93a9ba1eac’, ‘Coop Import CSV’, ‘2019-03-21 15:10:17’, ‘2019-06-11 14:13:56’, ‘1’, ‘1’, NULL, 0, ‘’, NULL, 1, ‘4d2f4ea2-bd1d-6bbd-014e-5c93a9369aba’, ‘coop_Cooperative’),


(‘a6b90681-ead0-5b41-0b0e-5c360591233d’, ‘’, ‘2019-01-09 14:28:34’, ‘2019-07-02 07:40:39’, ‘1’, ‘’, NULL, 1, ‘32b0f5ae-c9b6-b93e-d85b-5c17b8b709ad’, 0, NULL, NULL, ‘YToxOntpOjA7czowOiIiO30=’, ‘coop_cooperative_accounts_1_name’, ‘Equal_To’, ‘Value’, NULL, 1);


(‘a5aef26e-c581-a6cf-ab09-5c73cbd83648’, ‘’, ‘2019-02-25 11:05:16’, ‘2019-06-20 06:04:13’, ‘b872a9c9-14f2-d1ba-aa03-5c5adc1c9947’, ‘b872a9c9-14f2-d1ba-aa03-5c5adc1c9947’, NULL, 0, ‘60442374-80ec-b665-abea-5c73bfc158c4’, 27, ‘YToxOntpOjA7czowOiIiO30=’, ‘coop_cooperative_accounts_1_name’, 1, 0, ‘Coopérative’, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, 0, NULL, NULL),


(‘jjwg’, ‘valid_geocode_modules’, ‘Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, Cases, Project, Meetings, Prospects, coop_Cooperative’),
(‘jjwg’, ‘valid_geocode_tables’, ‘accounts, contacts, leads, opportunities, cases, project, meetings, prospects, coop_cooperative’),


(‘21e69961-1220-a963-9dc3-5d0a4e5bc366’, ‘21fdabf8-fa92-72b0-0657-5d0a4ebd4b33’, ‘f140aefd-20a2-dc61-d2ca-5d0a4ede8b8d’, ‘coop_Cooperative’, 1, 0, ‘2019-06-19 15:01:55’, ‘2019-06-19 15:01:55’, 0),
(‘714abdb3-cc76-5faf-efa1-5c9373ffd43b’, ‘716878e6-aeac-3e1a-55df-5c9373425eed’, ‘cfd328d7-a0b4-a3d8-3775-5bd70a4c4909’, ‘coop_Cooperative’, 1, 0, ‘2019-03-21 11:21:28’, ‘2019-03-21 11:21:28’, 0),

fields_meta_data : All the fields from the deleted module ?

(‘coop_Cooperativebasedecotisation_c’, ‘basedecotisation_c’, ‘LBL_BASEDECOTISATION’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘coop_Cooperative’, ‘enum’, 100, 0, NULL, ‘2018-10-23 14:11:52’, 0, 0, 0, 0, 1, ‘true’, ‘basedecotisation_list’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘’),


(6627, ‘620d8b2a-67b1-12ea-c329-5d02068911fd’, ‘1’, ‘coop_Cooperative’, ‘ae08cbbe-e380-40f4-4b3e-5bcde42d81e8’, ‘Coop TEST’, ‘2019-06-13 08:16:08’, ‘detailview’, ‘9945d5d46a7f6fd22430ad9214bd68b7’, 1, 0),


(‘128316ee-61fa-3835-6a45-5bcdd99770d7’, ‘coop_Cooperative2_COOP_COOPERATIVE’, 0, ‘2018-10-22 14:06:19’, ‘2019-02-06 15:02:21’, ‘1’, ‘YToxOntzOjEzOiJsaXN0dmlld09yZGVyIjthOjI6e3M6Nzoib3JkZXJCeSI7czoxMjoiZGF0ZV9lbnRlcmVkIjtzOjk6InNvcnRPcmRlciI7czo0OiJERVNDIjt9fQ==’),

@labanjohnson, I’ve got a lot of custom code, its been like 6 month i’m digging into this CRM, trying to make it fit my need, cant start from a blank page now :stuck_out_tongue:

I think those are all side-effects, safe to ignore. You have a Report mentioning the custom module, you have some data from it in the search index, you have some left-over dashlet settings. Nothing that will hurt you.

The fields_meta_data is the only relevant table for data structure. Is that row marked “deleted=1”? Does it disappear with a QR&R (scroll down and click to “sync vardefs with database”, if available)? Even if the row stays there, I don’t think it will have any noticeable effect.


They are not marked as deleted (I have a 0 in that collumn)

Ran a QR&R, after elle the log-lines I got (sry its in french) “Les tables de la base de données sont synchronisées avec la définition des variables (vardefs)” but I cant click on it. its a bold line but not clickable.

Sorry for the delay answering.

When it doens’t have a button, everything’s ok, no need to synchronize any further.

So you can just relax, your system is ok.

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Hey there,

Just re posting in this topic cause in my PHP log error I have this :

[16-Sep-2019 15:29:01 Europe/Berlin] PHP Warning:  include(custom/metadata/coop_cooperative_coop_cooperative_1MetaData.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /SuiteCRM/custom/application/Ext/TableDictionary/tabledictionary.ext.php on line 51
[16-Sep-2019 15:29:01 Europe/Berlin] PHP Warning:  include(): Failed opening 'custom/metadata/coop_cooperative_coop_cooperative_1MetaData.php' for inclusion (include_path='/SuiteCRM/include/..:.:/usr/lib/php7.1') in /SuiteCRM/custom/application/Ext/TableDictionary/tabledictionary.ext.php on line 51

Got those two line every minute …

Because tabledictionary.ext.php is generated I cant just delete the line :


Any idea on how to fix this ?

Look for it under custom/Extension, that’s where the generated stuff comes from

Deleted /SuiteCRM/custom/Extension/application/Ext/TableDictionary/coop_cooperative_coop_cooperative_1.php

And it seem to fix it. That not rly nice, when you delete a module, that it dont delete every file.

Anyway thanks PGR for the quick tips !