default settings question and global search


i am relatively new to suitercm (i had a sugarcrm installation for several years) and have some questions.

  1. Can I somehow set the default entries for buttons in the submenus, e.g. for accounts in activities to create a call

  2. How can I make the global search available for custom fields?

  3. Are there any other themes availiable for 7.10.10 with different colors?

  4. How can I remove unused subpanels in accounts, e.g. purchased articles

Thanks for your support!


Hi, welcome!

  1. I don’t understand, sorry. Which submenus? And what exactly do you want a button for?

  2. In Studio / Module name / fields you should see an “searchable” check box. Make sure your cron jobs are running so the indexing occurs.

  3. See User profile / Layout options / Style, for 4 different options of Colour Scheme.

  4. See Admin / Display Modules and Subpanels, and Admin / Configure Module Menu Filters for this kind of layout customizations.

Hi pgr,
first of all thanks for the replies.

the color scheme works great!

  1. for the panels, please see attached screenshot 2019-01-17… . I want to create a call as default value on this button
  2. I do not see the searchable checkbox for global search, see second screenshot 2019-01-18…


Just so I know how to help you better, are you a developer?

For 1., there is an option to make the option in that button appear as separate buttons, which let’s you easily click create task or whatever.


  1. You’re right, it seems fields should be Searchable by default, but I wonder if some of them are left out. But maybe your problem is simply that your Scheduler Jobs aren’t set up yet, and so the indexing is not occurring? See Admin / Schedulers, instructions at the bottom.

The image you have attached is of the Activities Panel, If you click on the Point Down arrow, you will have an option to Log Call for the Record. I think what you are looking for is Change the Order of Buttons so you can see Log Call as the first option instead of Create Task? That would require modifying the order of Top Buttons for the subpanel. Can you name the Module under which you need to change this.

thanks @ll for the replies.

I am not a developer, I an an ambitious admin, have created own modules, logical hooks,… but all at a very basic level. I am just modifying the installation to be optimized to our needs.

the cron job (scheduler) was already set, so this cannot be the reason why a global search for user defined fields is not available. Any ideas?

I want to change the order of the Activities Panel shown in the Accounts Module. But having seperate buttons (flat option)is also fine. I will try this out.


hello all, the button topic is solved. thanks a lot.

I still have issues with the global search. I have 2 main problems:

  • searching for custom fields does not work (in accounts, i have created a account number)
  • searching for an account name works only if a complete word is used (eg. john miller ltd will be found by using “miller”, but not by using “mill” or “mill%” as search string.

any ideas to solve these search related problems? any help is appreciated.

As searching is most important ,it not only need to fast , it also needs to efficient.

I have developed some easy going plugin to make sure it makes life easy.

Please have a look!