Default module packages

HELP!! I have a fresh install of suitecrm v 7.6.6…I have made the security changes recommended however, the default module packages are not accessible or even visible in either module loader or module builder.

Thanks all… :S

what’s your system configuration, from where you got the “recommended” permissions?

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centos/hostgator…changed permissions according to the suitecrm installation instructions. Just did another fresh install and still have the same issue. Modules do not appear in module loader.

Here is a screen shot of what I am seeing in module loader

by default there are no modules in the module loader, maybe you’re confusing the module loader with module builder or studio, module loader is where you install custom modules, module builder is where you build modules and studio is where you can modify the default and custom modules.

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ahhh, I see…what I am wanting to accomplish is to provide a customer portal for client to open tickets, access KB articles, view invoices etc…is that possible?

yes, with SuiteCRM you can achieve all that out of the box, you don’t need to create nothing

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Are there instructions as to how to install the modules?


with that guide you have covered all your needs

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