De-coupling Contacts from Sales modules

I want to configure SuiteCRM for use in my Real Estate business. In the typical Real Estate transaction, there is no ongoing business with the client once the deal is closed. Therefore, I don’t need or want the Contact module associated with sales stages.

In essence, I want to use the Contacts module to keep track of people that I won’t necessarily plan on doing any business with. For example, fellow agents, or building contractors.

The Contacts module will also be used for my 3CX phone implementation to log calls for which no record exists for that number.

So, I will have to get rid of Contacts for the conversion process (Leads to Opportunities).

  1. Is there any issue doing this? Will this break anything?

  2. Is there a way to create a conversion process from Contacts to Leads? For example, suppose I have a person in the Contacts module, who then indicates he wants to do business with me. Is there a way to convert a Contact (even if that means creating a custom module from scratch) to a Lead?

This connects to my answer on the other thread where I recommend that you use Contacts… :smile:

Remember that it’s normal to use Contacts for many different kinds of things. You don’t always need a separate module for different entities, it might be better to simply segment the records with some kind of type field. So you could have some Contacts marked as customers, others as Agents, etc.

Custom list views and filters will then show you only what you need to see, where you need to see it.