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DateTime fields changing on save

Hello - odd behavior that I can’t explain and would REALLY love some guidance here.

Any idea if there are known bugs in 8.x.x related to date time issues? Essentially we have two DateTime fields in a custom module, start time and end time. No logic built around it or anything yet but I just noticed if I go into a note and there is a time set on both of them, even if I don’t make changes at all - if I click Edit, then Save… the time’s there change… IE - I had a note with 06/01/2022 15:11 as a start time and 06/01/2022 15:42 as the end time… Clicked edit, save… it changes to like 06/01/2022 7:11 and 06/01/2022 7:42… seems that in most instances the time between the notes stays the same, but sometimes it’ll change the hours as well…

This is happening both on a dev server we have with 8.0.3 and our 8.1.0 server. There are no logic hooks or workflows actively associated with this custom module. Nothing aside from relationships, but no logic built around any of these DateTime fields… It is writing the change to the database too. Really weird since it is doing it even if I just go into the record, click edit, then save right away and will do it over and over again each time.


It is literally changing on it’s own for every edit/save… even if no fields are touched. Not a timezone thing