date.timezone error message

We are running SuiteCRM, version 7.2.1 and I have identified an error in our installation with the “date.timezone” not being set.
I am not sure what problems it is causing on the site, if any, but what is the best way to resolve it?
To identify the error, I click on Admin > Diagnostic Tool > Unselect all of the boxes except for SuiteCRM Log File > Execute Diagnostic.
Upon completion of the test, located within the SuiteCRM text file is the attached error message which is repeated constantly.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


If you open your php.ini file you can find a line similar to:


If you remove the semicolon on the left and between the quotation marks type UTC so it becomes;


and save your php.ini file.

You may have to do an apache restart for this change to take effect.

Regards, John

Thanks John… will make the proposed change and let u know it goes. Thanks.