Date last modified field no longer displaying in contact merge since 7.11.10

I tend to merge a lot of duplicate accounts and used the last modified date listed to determine which contact records would be the primary record. Since upgradin to 7.11.10 I no longer see this field listed in the possible duplicate fields. Is this something that can be re-stated as an option somehow perhaps?

Hi @wondertrout,

In studio, swap the drop-down for duplicate merge to enabled.

Not sure why this was changed in the core but it must have been at some point :confused:

:thinking: it’s trickier than that… this is the commit that removed those fields:

So, what that does is it makes effective a mechanism that was previously buggy, to honor these definitions:

The only problem is that if users are happier when it didn’t work as it should, what should we do?

Ok, I opened a PR for this, can you please help test it?

Hi @Mac-Rae, I checked this and the field is already marked as duplicate merge enabled. Good thinking though!

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Thanks @pgr. I’m travelling this week but will test it as soon as I get home on the weekend. Many thanks indeed!

Hi @pgr, I tested this yesterday and all worked fine. I tested to make sure external modules were handled correctly as well and all seems to work exactly as it should now.

Many thanks indeed!

Cool, thanks for testing.

Hi @pgr, just FYI the 7.10.x upgrade seemed to revert back to the previous behaviour. I can copy the template back again of course, but just to let you know it seems it didn’t make it into the next release.

Yep, if you click on the PR you can see that it isn’t merged yet. This latest release was a relatively small one. I expect work on GitHub to resume at more acceptable levels after the whole Covid crisis goes away (or at least, subsides significantly).

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Ah, missed that! No problem at all.