Database Structure

I have installed a new instance of SuiteCRM 7.6.1, which worked fine.

However, I need to import my database from another SuiteCRM installation which has a ‘different database structure’.

I cannot copy any of the SuiteCRM files because they’ve been compromised (hacked), that’s the reason why I run a fresh installation of SugarCRM.

How do I change the database structure of my new SugarCRM install so that I can ‘import’ my DB backup?

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Just attach your database to the knew installation of suite, its in the config.php file. makes sure all file permissions are correct and then do a quick repair and rebuild. If its a different version of Suite you might have to change the version number in the db. Any custom fields you created in studio will be recreated when you do the quick repair and rebuild as they will be stored in the fields_metadata table. You will have to manually add labels and layouts again though.