database quiestion


I don’t find where the custom dropdown are in database, wich table?

Perhaps with this information I’ll can solve my pdf template problem with multi choice dropdown … :slight_smile:

Please help me :slight_smile:

They’re not in the database, they are in the filesystem under the “custom” directory

/custom/include/language/en_us.lang.php or whichever language code you are using.

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thank you


hum sorry an other question about custom dropdown…

I saw where are the custom dropdown, but I don’t understand where are command to use it in database.

example :

I have a custom dropdown in contracts.
In mysql data bate this field save ID (01. 02 . etc.) but not the vname of dropdown (text)
I need to save the vname in the custom field database… so where are config file who link custom dropdown to custom filed in database?

I hope I’m clear (sorry for my bad english).

perhaps schema could help…

ID Value
01 driver’s license
02 Gray card
03 ID card

this is a multiselect dropdown.
If I choose Driver’s license + ID card I got ^01^,^03^ in database. I would prefere have Driver’s license, ID card

Because I have pdftemplate for letter (missing documents letter) that display 01,03

I can’t put value in id with studio (dirty solution I think).

Does anyone know the solution to have value and not ID in database? :slight_smile:

This time I think it’s more clear…(I hope :slight_smile: )

I’m not the best person to help you with this… I don’t have that much experience customizing SuiteCRM.

But I would say you first create the List, then you go into Studio and add that as a field in some module, and to the views where you want to see it.

Then Save, Deploy, Quick Repair and Rebuild, and you should be able to start adding data.

Maybe this helps:

Sorry for mybad english.
You don’t understand What I mean.
Everithing Works fine allready.
It’s only in pdf template that show only Id and notre the label.

So I try to find how to save label and notre the ID in data base

Oh, ok.

Maybe the problem is not the fact that the is saved in the database, that seems to be a good idea.

Maybe you just need a way to display the value in the PDF, you need to be able to convert the id into the label when generating the PDF.

Yes I do that, but there’s a little problem…
with this code : if ($name === ‘field_name’ && $value == 0) { $value = “”; }

I have to find all possibilities for example

01 = driver’s license
02 = Gray card
03 = ID card
01, 02 = driver’s license, Gray card
01,03 = driver’s licence, ID card
02, 03 =

etc etc… I let you imagine the code if I have 10 items…

SO I would prefer have the good value in database, to let pdftemplate display the right thing…

I don’t think you need any code like that, you should be able to just have PHP index the array.

What exactly do you have in


to define your values?

sorry for this late answer …

here the dropdown who doesn’t work in pdf template

$GLOBALS[‘app_list_strings’][‘piece_manquante_list’]=array (
‘01’ => ‘Driver’s license’,
‘02’ => ‘Gray Card’,
‘03’ => ‘ID Card’,

in pdf template it’s only displaying 01 02 etc.
If I replace 01 , 02, 03 by value it’s work almost…but in my language some caracters can’t work in ID like “é” “à” etc. (French)
so like I said in post before, it’s will be a dirty solution for my problem.

ANd it’s work nice in simple choice custom dropdown… I have the problem only in pluti choice dropdown :)…
hard to find a solution :slight_smile:

Please put it inside the forum’s “code” tags, so we don’t lose the brackets…

If you have the array, and you have the index, then you can use the index and get the value!