Database queries failing on CRON run

I’m running the latest & greatest, v7.4.1.
As far as the UI goes everything seems to work as it should.

However, the log file shows the following database actions failing:

For the first one, the ‘leads’ table exists, as does the field ‘deleted’ (of type ‘tinyint’). The query looks fine to my rather limited knowledge of SQL. In the second message ‘dir1_customers’ exists too.

This is on MySQL, and I’ve already run “Repair | Quick Repair and Rebuild”, as well as “Rebuild Relationships”.

Any idea what could be going wrong here?

Thank you!


Looks like the select is missing.

Thank you for getting back so quickly Simeon!

These queries run as a result of SuitCRM’s CRON job, ie. somewhere along the line they get called via cron.php. I didn’t change the code, so it could be a bug in v7.4.1 in putting together those queries (?)…


Does anyone know where in the code these SQL queries get built? So I can check if indeed the code is omitting the “SELECT” part.