Database Failure when trying to change state of case

I get a Database Failure error when I try to change a case status to close. Here is the error in the log:

10/20/15 10:08:19 [3628][1][FATAL] Error updating table: cases: Query Failed: UPDATE cases
SET name=‘joe bloggs - Check firewall for open port - Card Payments’,date_modified=‘2015-10-20 09:08:17’,modified_user_id=‘1’,created_by=‘1’,description=NULL,assigned_user_id=‘1’,type=‘Administration’,status=‘Closed_Closed’,priority=‘P1’,resolution=NULL,work_log=NULL,account_id=‘304f38cc-1083-b973-0756-5624ba0fd994’,state=‘Closed’,contact_created_by_id=’’
WHERE = ‘dbf88b4a-5b1f-53a5-4786-5624ba7f8308’ AND deleted=0: MySQL error 1054: Unknown column ‘contact_created_by_id’ in ‘field list’

I have run a quick repair which has run successfully but that didnt help.

I am very new to SuiteCRM.

Any suggestions?


When you run a Quick Repair & Rebuild, scroll down and execute any changes provided by the CRM.
This should hopefully resolve the issue.

That did it. Thanks for the very fast reply here.

Ed B)