Data corruption when trying to import a `csv` file with cells with line breaks

Hello. In a 7.11.19 version of suitecrm I am trying to import a csv that has two columns. In one of them the cell value is enclosed in double quotes because the content has line breaks. The delimiter is a semicolon

The number of rows to register is 10 but many more are identified, because it interprets the line breaks as new rows

I have been debugging the flow in suitecrm/modules/Import/Importer.php but I have not been able to identify the reason

Could someone give me a clue as to how to solve this behavior?

Update 1

I have managed to confirm according to this issue CSV import enclosures are broken · Issue #9134 · salesagility/SuiteCRM · GitHub that if you try a higher version of the CRM the problem disappears.

Update 2

I kept trying to identify the reason for the behavior but without success. I managed to confirm that the version immediately following the current one, 7.11.20, the import process works as expected. And I tested with a clean copy of 7.11.19 without custom code that the behavior occurs

Due to the above, I reviewed the changes made in version 7.11.20 at 7.11.x Releases :: SuiteCRM Documentation but I did not find any reference to any change to the import module.

I compared the content of the Importer module in both versions and they seem to be fine. Finally, I tried to copy the Importer module from the app in version 7.11.20 to version 7.11.19 but the problem persists.

Any idea how to solve this problem? Update to version 7.11.20 I do not have authorization. Thanks again

Greetings and thanks in advance

I had some success with this before.
What I’ve done was:

Split up the CSV into two files:
One file, only containing those “clean” columns without linebreak (maybe the name / ID or similar).
Another file with the ID and the line break column - nothing else.

Additionally, I used field separators like | or something other odd, which should never occur in text /data.

Then first run a create only import with the “clean” file.
Then run an update import with the line break data.

It worked pretty well - but I believe it was on an early 8.x version.
You can give it a try and see what happens in 7.

Hello. Thanks for answering. Unfortunately, the user is the one who is in charge of this. And I don’t think he takes these precautions before performing the import.