Dashlets off errors


'm new to working with suitecrm despite being user sugarcrm ce a few years ago.

after installing suitecrm can not put Dashlets to work on my hosted web server.

on a windows server, with the base installation sugarcrm ce and a new instance of suitecrm everything works.

I can not understand what is happening.

When I try to refresh the error is logged:

[26-May-2014 12:39:48 Europe / Lisbon] PHP Warning: preg_replace () [function.preg-replace </ a>]: Compilation failed: invalid range in character class at offset 36 in … / public_html/suitecrm7.1.1/include/SugarCharts/JsChart.php on line 719

Hi there,

Please modify your php.ini so that errors are logged in your error log, but are not displayed on the page. You can find tutorials online. Please then clear cache/perform a Quick Repair & Rebuild in Admin -> Repair and re-try.



HI Will

the problem is related to the version of PHP on the server.

Everything works with native version 5.3 .

when I need to add Dashlets, I have to change the version of PHP 5.4.