Dashlet Width at homepage


On Home page we can put dashlets in 2 columns. What i want to do is to put dahlet only in one column and want to make his width 100%. I want to remove or disable second column.

I have change width % in custom/modules/home/index.php
as column 1 as 100% and column 2 as 0% but still i can put dashlet in 2 columns.

I have done repair too but nothing happens.

Hi there,

You can create a new dashboard tab and set that to only be one column.

For now, you cannot modify the ‘Suite Dashboard’ tab, but we may implement this ability in future.



Do you have any proposition to solve this topic today?

Is there any posibility to change default dashlet on 1 column version, exchange it on another dashlet. People wasting time becouse 2 column version do not have enough space to display all eligible information.


i have the same problem:

i need to have the default dashlet with one column, is it possbile? (today)

Best Regards