Dashlet Due Dates return Start Date values

Just upgraded our production CRM to 7.10.16. On the Home Page, in each of the Dashlets, if there is a due date variable in the list view (doesn’t matter if the dashlet is tasks, calls, etc.) the information displayed for the record is actually the value of the start date.

For example: I have a task with a start date of 06/03/2019 and the due date is 06/17/2019. On the record’s detail view, this is correct. If I look at “my open tasks” on the home page, it says the due date is 06/03/2019.

Where could I go to look at the dashlets so I could determine why it is passing the wrong data?

If you can reproduce this on the live demo, I think it would be appropriate to report it on Github as a new issue.

https://demo.suiteondemand.com (user:will, pass: will)

Thanks for reporting!

No I cannot

If it’s a problem only in your installation, then you need to think what could be provoking this…

  • some add-on?

  • some customization on the Dashlet that is showing the information?

  • some customization on the moment that the data is saved to the database?

If I remove the Due Date field from the dashlet and readd it, the date pulls in correctly. However, if you log out and relogin/clear web cache and history the due date reverts back to displaying the start date.

Works fine for me on the latest 7.11.5.

Have you tried a few different options from Admin / Repairs?

  • dashlet rebuild

  • javascript repairs

  • etc

Any news here? Is it solved?

No still can’t find what is going on. I tried to go to dashletdefs hoping somehow the start date variable got paired with the end date label or something, but alas nothing. I didn’t notice it until production because I don’t use dashlets very much and it wasn’t a primary concern of what was being updated. After going back to my older implementations that I was using for development, I realized this problem has been occurring all along on each build. I’m guessing it is some sort of javascript or caching issue because as I stated earlier, I can get it to display everything correctly if I try to edit the individual dashlet and then save it (so it refetches the task data) but as soon as you log out and log back in the end dates have reverted to displaying the start date value.

Ok, can you please open a new issue for this on SuiteCRM Gituhb?

There was a developer working recently on some due date bugs and I am hoping he might understand what’s going on here and pick up the issue.

Thanks for reporting!

GitHub issue number, for reference: