Dashboard inside dashboard

we were testing the new release 7.3.1 and found some issues, this one is kind of funny…

Let’s say i try to sort a dashlet in the dashboard, so i click twice on the Name column of the Accounts Dashlet… i tuns out that another full dashboard appears inside the dashelt…

This behaviour was tested in both Safari and Mozilla.

Any one else experienced this issue?


Thanks for letting us know about this. It has been logged on our Github as an issue: #422

No problem. Hopefully it will be easy to solve :slight_smile:

Hi Guys,

Sorry to bump an old thread, but we are experiencing this issue where you click a column heading to sort a column in a dashlet and it opens a whole new dash board inside the current dashlet area.

I have looked at bug #422 and checked the pull request that apparently fix it, however I can’t see how. The pull request seems to fix the anomolous “Home CRM” logo at the top left, which is different on our CRM anyway.

We are on version 7.6.2 and will not be able to upgrade due to heavy customisation for a specific project.

Can anyone point me to a change log or pull request so that I can fix this in our 7.6.2?