Customs modules not displayed after upload.


After some trouble trying to upgrade Sugar CRM 6.5.18 to Suite CRM, I decided to export some custom modules to a fresh install of Suite CRM.

Now I have loaded my custom modules through module loader, all wen fine, got the final message module loaded successfully. And the module appear to be installed when I refresh the module loader page.

Now I cannot find this module anywhere, (main menu, “dipslay modules and subpanels” tab or in “Studio”, the files for the module seem to be in the right place, the sql tables are here, but nowhere to be seen in SuiteCRM.

Any suggestions ?

PS, I have already checked the permissions.

Did you ‘export’ them from module builder? If so, they are probably in module builder and need to be deployed.


I exported them from studio, had a look in the module builder, nothing there either :frowning:


If you exported them from studio you are only exporting any customisations made to those modules, not the module.

If you made them in module builder you could export them from there and install, then deploy, then you may need to install the customisations from studio again

What issues are you have upgrading from SugarCRM 6.5.18 to SuiteCRM?


This makes sense now. However one of the modules I had created through the module builder could not be found there on the SugarCRM install. Hence why I exported it from Studio.

When tried to run the upgrade I kept getting a blank screen in the upgrade wizard, I googled the issue and made the according changes as it seemed like the suhosin config was the source of the problem. Without any joy.

It’s no big deal if I cannot transfer the modifications as it may be better to rebuild a new module from SuiteCRM.

Thanks for your answer.