Customizing quote calculations - Help needed

i am a new user and trying to find out if SuiteCRM can do something that seems to be missing from all CRM’s.
In the quote module, or at least in the PDF output of the quote, we do not want to show the discount amount seperately, we would like the total line item price to be recalculated and the discounted item price to be printed in the pdf.
Would this be possible at all?

Furthermore, we would also like the same possibility with the Parent-Subproduct ralationship. meaning that subproduct prices should not be shown buttheir prices should be rolled up and included in the parent product price.
you sell a laptop $2000, options are available for 1GB ($200), 2GB($400) ,4GB($600) or 8($1000) GB RAM,
If i quote a laptop as Parent product and 4GB Ram as sub-product, the laptop price should be $2600 and the sub product just listed as a line item.

Is there any way to accomplish either of these scenarios?


I figured out the first issue. In the quote template, the subtotal is a unit list price less the discount, so I could just remove the unit price and discount column.

I would still like an answer on the 2nd issue though. I do not see the relevance of the Parent-subproduct feature here. Its great that you can create sub-product categories ad-infinitum, but so what? You cant use them in any kind of logic?
In VTiger there is a Parent/SubProduct called BUNDLES, so that when you quote/invoice a bundle item, it only shows the price of the Parent item but lists the bundled sub-products and quantities, and deducts them from inventory.
I just dont see the use of them in this crm.
Can someone explain?

See if grouping the products does what you want. This is enabled in admin > aos settings > enable line item groups

Unfortunately not. All that grouping does is create sub-totals of groups. Each item in the group is still shown with its price.
What we need is for the parent item to show the total price of all tens in the group and to hide the individual prices of the child items.
In our case, this does not have to be a pre-configured product item. meaning it can be doe on the fly and all that is needed is another format of the groups in the quote module. Pick a parent product, then all the child products, parent should show 1 price total for all child products. Start another group etc.

This is needed in many industries so i am sure we are not alone.

If it is just the display you are concerned about you should be able to just change the quote template to only display the group.

I dont understand. Example, I have 3 products
Computer $500
RAM $100
Hard Drive $200
i can quote each item individually or sell it as a bundle/group.

in the group i want to show -
Computer $800
Hard Drive

Meaning i show the items the Computer consists of but hide the prices of the child items and roll them into the parent item.