Customize the leads converter

I would like to customize the leads conversion.
If I click on the “convert lead” action the system automatically fills some fields of the “contact” section and you can choose if you want to convert the lead as a different object.

I’m interested on getting rid of the lead > contact conversion but instead I would like to convert the lead as an “account” and automatically fill up all the account fields I need.

Is there any guide or some hints in the documentation to work on that?
I just know that I should work on /custom/modules/leads/metadata/convertdefs.php but I can’t understand how to put in there the account fields I need and which variables i should use to fill them up.

Thank you!

Hi, welcome to the Community! :tada:

This PR I made a few months ago touches on those files

Have a look at that, it should lead you to the right places… I am not sure you will be able to make your changes upgrade-safe, though.