Customize Opportunities dashlet?

Hi everyone,

I really like the opportunity dashlet feature in SuiteCRM. But it I can only show the charts based on LEAD SOURCE. Is it possible to show it by TYPE?

Meaning ‘type of opportunity’ for example - consulting, online sales, testing, etc. I don’t care where the lead came from so long as I know how much their potentially is in each opportunity bucket (ie. type).

I tried to go into Studio but I didn’t see a way to add/change LEAD SOURCE to TYPE. Any ideas?

Instead of modifying that dashlet you could try to create a new report and display that report as a dashlet. In this way I believe that it wll be probably easier to tailor it to all your needs.

Thanks I think that’s a great idea. I’ll see if I can do it and report back.

For some reason the 'Report" menu has dissappeared in my version of SuiteCRM (v7.7.7). Is this something I need to add-on? I think I saw the Reports on the menu a few months back was it removed?.

Sorry for the naive questions, Im still new to all this.

To get Reports back go to Admin, and in the Developer Tools section check and modify what’s needed both in:
. Display Modules and Subpanels
. Configure Module Menu Filters

Once done run a quick repair and rebuild.

You may possibly have to log out and in again.