Customize Lead Conversion Workflow


We would like to modify the lead to Opportunity workflow, but can’t find out where to do it. Can you do it through configuration or simple code?

I have created a new workflow through AOW that does exactly what we want, but it has to wait for the scheduler.
the business would like to have it run immediately, and like to not have the old button to take them to the wrong process.

Questions: A few possible solutions.
[li]Is there a way to modify the existing workflow to do what we want? (And modify that form?)[/li]
[li]Can we make the button point to our workflow instead of its native one?[/li]
[li]How can we remove the button from the form display (edit vardefs?)? (Is this upgrade safe or will it come back?)[/li]
[li]Any better ideas?[/li]

In case you are wondering why we are tweaking this -->
Variations from standard workflow:
[li]We don’t create Accounts in the Lead> Opportunity process (All potential accounts already exist as prospect status in the system).[/li]
[li]We want a Lead connected to a contact and account that are existing. We carry this relationship over to Opportunity[/li]
[li]We want custom lead fields (lead type, sub type, company revenue) copied over to the similar custom field in the Opportunity.[/li]

Are you discussing the Convert Lead process, rather than AOW?

You will be able to modify the conversion process by modifying the code in SugarCRM/SuiteCRM but this may/may not be upgrade safe.



Late follow up, but I just ran across this other post. It appears to answer a key part of my original question. How do we get custom fields copied over from the lead to other objects on the lead conversion.

It appears the main requirements is just to name the fields exactly the same - then they will copy over automatically.

Will naming the fields exactly the same work for Accounts too? or only for Contacts?

I just tested it. Looks like you can add a field with identical name to Contact or Account (or both) and upon Lead conversion it will be filled with the same data as the field in the Leads module. nice!