Customization of Opportunities and Inbox25

I am looking at Inbox25 has a marketing platform since they integrate with Sugar very nicely. One the phone with the sales rep he mentioned I should double check how much customization was done to the Opportunities module. Can anyone respond? I can’t find anything specific.

Hi Dale,

I don’t believe Opportunities has had any customisations. There is the ability to associate Opportunities to Quotes and vice versa but no new enhancements/modifications.



Perfect! Thanks Will! It didn’t feel like anything was done. But thought I would check. (sorry for my poor grammar on the original post.)

@dalethomasnyc did you end up using inbox25 with SuiteCRM? We’re looking at the same combo and are wondering how it is working out for you. Slightly concerned about potential issues if there is anything that’s too different from Sugar for it to work smoothly, but hoping that this - - is a good sign inbox25 will work with SuiteCRM for a long time to come.Would be nice if there were reviews in there though.

Any experience on that front? Thanks!