Customised search page

Hello everyone, I need to create a custom page that proposes a search form, something similar to Reports, but I need to create a more complex custom query.
Can anyone give me an idea of how to proceed? Thanks

Can no one give me any suggestions?

It would be great to have more detail requirements, I can help with terminology but ultimately the more you explain the scenario the more likely you’ll get a response.

So can you help answer a few of the following:

Q. When you mean a new “custom page” do you mean a custom View for a new module or a core module?
Q. This custom page will display just a search form? You say similar to Reports? But the Reports module doesn’t display a search form, but rather a filter form based on the conditions you set on the edit view. Can you include a screenshot of the inspiration you have for this search form?
Q. You say you need to create more complex queries… Are these queries dynamic or static? Will you just be using database queries in the back end or utilizing any of the exisiting query based functionality in Suite?

Try and be as descriptive as possible: the more you put in the more you get back.

OK, I’ll try to be more detailed, although for the moment it’s just an idea and I can’t take a screenshot.

  1. It is not important where it is created, I can also create a new module, but it will be empty, I want to create an interface, a classic PHP form to understand, in which I enter a range of dates, name, surname etc…
  2. I referred to the Report form because it is similar to what I want to create: I set reference dates and other info and below will appear the results that I can export or save, from here then add other options
  3. The queries are based on the fields filled in in the interface I mentioned above, so they are dynamic and will concern one or more tables.

I hope I have been a bit more precise