Customer module: change log on account name field

Good morning. I have recently been using SuiteCRM, so sorry if I ask for trivialities.

I need to track changes in a “Contact” document via the “change log”.

I can do it using the “audit” flag of the field that interests me in STUDIO.

But in the list of fields there isn’t the one that interests me most to check: Account Name.

How do I track changes to that field?


Hey there,

Are you still having issues with this?

I don’t believe you can track changes on this out of the box, as it is actually one side of a relationship
(Rather than being a field on the Contacts module)

However, I did find an older blog post that shows how to do this exact thing by code!

It should still work nowadays, so let us know how things go!

thanks a lot for the suggestion

I will definitely try it