Custome date field update when email sent

I don’t know how to set up workflow that will update custom field called Last Activity Date for Account when an email is sent to this account.
Here is what I have tried but without success:

Can someone help?

“Any change” compares the previous value with the new one, in this case you are creating a new entry so there’s no previous value, remove that condition and it will work, but that’s not correct because it will always trigger the workflow, take a look at this post that condition will check if there’s a relation between those two modules, you can approach something like that in here, if you need further help, please let me know.

best regards

As a matter affect I do need your help. I have changed it but it still doesn’t work. Its like there is no connection between Accounts : Emails:Accounts but obviously there is a connection…Where am I wrong. Please take a look at the pic:

I have also tried with “email sent” status but it isn’t working…

I just tested this using 7.7.4 and is not working for me neither, I think that has something to do with the special way emails are handled in SuiteCRM, maybe you can log this error at github

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Thanks. I logged it:
Hopefully it will be cleared because it could be very useful (and I mean in general not only for my case) :slight_smile: