Custom signup form for user

Hi guys, I want to create a custom signup/registration form for the user.

Great, that sounds like a cool project!

Hi pgr, any solution…??


I have a rule for myself, I try not to spend more time and work answering a topic, than the person asking spends providing information, saying what they tried, etc.

It doesn’t make much sense for you to type a couple of lines, then I go out and investigate, write a big tutorial, and when I’m done, you reply something like “that’s not the version I’m using”, or “That’s not what I really want”, or “I already tried that”…

Maybe this will help you tune in to what kind of question has the best possibilities of being answered

Hi Omee,
I never did something like this - are you sure that’s what you want? Usually, the CRM contains sensitive information, and not everybody should be allowed to log in/to register.

Otherwise, I’d suggest something like this:

  • create a regular php page containing a form with the needed fields (username, mail address,…). You can embed it on any website.

  • on submit, transfer everything to Suite using the rest/soap v4 interface

  • make sure that your script validates if the chosen user name (and mail address) is not already taken

  • in suite (optional):

    • relate automatically a specific security group
    • send password to user via mail

all these steps require some programming knowledge and good testing.

But to be sure: What is your motivation? Are you looking for some kind of customer portal?

I had recently created a custom signup page for one of my customer. it’s really simple, just create a custom entry point and place your Signup form fields there.
Once submitted, use users table with proper field insertion and as a last step, use the login form HTML with user provided values and submit the login form the “Log in” the user as soon as they register.

Hi diligent, Thanks for the reply. Yes i want to create something like customer portal
I created a form in regular php and redirect url to custom entrypoint that i had created but I’m facing a problem. When my session is set i.e. when user is logged in then my custom entrypoint is working perfectly and my data is successfully storing in database but when my session is not set then I’m automatically redirect to login page. I’m sharing my code

if(!defined('sugarEntry') || !sugarEntry) die('Not A Valid Entry Point');

 $username_password = md5($user_hash);

//$id= create_guid();
// echo $id;
   $vnd = BeanFactory::getBean('Users')->retrieve_by_string_fields(array('user_name'=>$user_name));

if($vnd){echo "Exits"; }
else {
$bean = BeanFactory::newBean('Users'); 
//$bean->id = $id;   
$bean->user_name = $user_name;   
$bean->user_hash = $username_password;   
$bean->first_name = $first_name;   
$bean->last_name = $last_name;   

$bean->save();  //Save

$record_id = $bean->id;   //Retrieve the bean id
echo $record_id;}

Hey, I just created the same but facing a problem i.e., when session is set then my entry point is working absolutely fine.If my session is not set then my entry point url automatically redirect to login page.

in your entry point, set the

‘auth’ => false

first of all: cherubs suggestion to create a new user is a very good one too. Using this approach, you don’t need the API and you can use the framework (beans) directly.
Your example code is trying to do something like that, but I would suggest to have the first entry point to show the form, and from there you call further methods on submit.

btw: have a look at the cases module, maybe the inbox-integration is enough for your usecases. Otherwise, there is already a joomla integration built in. Maybe that’s more suitable than having customers log in to your crm:


Thanks …its work for me.