Custom relate field populate data from contact module like Google search suggestions


I have custom module. I want to add relate field to Contacts module in edit view.

When user will type keywords then list of contacts names will be shown similar to Google search suggestions.

Right now I have relate field to Contacts module, it open popup of Contact to select field value from related module.

I looking for any blog or article or forum link mentioning above feature.

Any idea?

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If you’re doing a Relate field that auto-fill feature should work out-of-the-box…

Thanks for the answer. Good to know we have the feature available in SuiteCRM.

I have custom module, the relate field to this module in pop-up neither shows link to select record or search suggestions do not work on the field.

I tried to add ‘link’ => true, on each field in popupdefs.php and other related files. It work fine on list view but in relate field popup links are available to select.

Also I can’t see checkbox to select record. I am able to search records in popup.

Any idea?

Sorry, I am a bit lost. Can you post some screenshots and explain a bit more?

Screenshots can be uploaded here: