Custom product module.

Hi all.

Just a quick background. I have a client that expressed interest in a Custom CRM. I have already developed a configurator for this client to allow their dealers and the dealers respective sales representatives to build quotes, invoices and project management based on predefined rules.

However their is no way for the managers to keep track of quotes done by these representatives. Thus the interest in a CRM.

Doing some research I came across SuiteCRM.

Downloading and Installing SuiteCRM and playing around with it I noticed that the product/quote modules are fairly basic.

The nature of the clients solutions that they provide are rather complicated. As an example, they have a total of four systems that can be quoted on. Each system has various components. Some components rely on others being included. Some also require licences to be added for some components as well. Due to the complex nature of these solutions the client does not want to leave the configuration in the hands of the representatives.

My question to the community would thus be, is it worth trying to configure an advance product module within SuiteCRM that would cater to the above needs of the client?

Is anyone aware of any other alternatives?

Are there any resources you can refer me to that would relate to this subject?

I thank everyone in advance for your responses.

Have a great day.

Default modules on SuiteCRM are as generic as possible. On the other hand if offers the tools to enhance them and customize to meet your needs. From Studio you can add custom fields, customize views, create relationships, etc. Then you have Workflow to add your custom triggers and conditions to interact with the fields or modules as needed. If that is not enough you can create your own modules from Module builder.
IF you are a developer, you can take advantage of another full range of options like LogicHooks, Entry Points, custom JavaScript, Module customization, etc. The possibilities are endless.

I’ll recommend you to take a look to the documentation here: