Custom product fields per product category


Is it possible to have different product fields depending on product category?
E.g. we have product categories like: ‘Car’ and ‘Computer’
For cars I want to enter details about the engine like horse power, gearbox type etc, on the other hand for computers I want to fill details about CPU, RAM etc.

Is it possible out of the box in SuiteCRM or rather requires code changes? If so is it something easy or rather more complex task?

Thanks in advance

Hi. Out of the box, I don’t think there is such a feature.

There are several ways to approach it

  1. The easiest - just put the details in as a text field (description). This is also the least structured, and least powerful approach.

  2. If you really have only two main kinds of things (computers and cars) and there aren’t many details to each, add a bunch of custom fields for each one. Then you can use some simple custom code to hide the computer fields when editing a car, and vice-versa.

  3. Write complete custom code to handle unlimited differentiated fields for unlimited kinds of things :slight_smile: